This year, we’ve seen a trend toward a more minimalistic style or small space design of living. In the housing industry, this downsizing movement is apparent with a turn in sales from previously popular McMansions to more affordable, reasonably sized homes.

And this lifestyle change has become a very popular movement on social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

Whether you’re living in a micro-sized apartment or just ready to organize reduce clutter and live with less, these 8 hashtags will fill your need for small space inspiration.

1. #ApartmentTherapy

2. #SmallSpaceSquad

3. #SmallSpaces

4. #SmallSpaceStyle

5. #SmallSpaceLiving

6. #SmallSpaceSolutions

7. #TinyHouse

8. #TinyLiving

9. #SmallSpaceBigStyle

10. #StudioApartment

Feeling ready to live with less space and join the minimalist lifestyle movement? Contact me today to discuss your options!