In the home-buying process, visiting open houses is crucial. Although we will already have a lot of information about the home we’re going to visit, this will be our chance to speak directly with the homeowner or listing agent, ask the right questions and gather detailed information before moving forward with a purchase.

Open houses are the perfect opportunity to get a real feel for both the space and the area in which you could be living.

We will be prepared to take advantage of our time and get the most out of our visit. Along with any questions or concerns that you may have, we will be sure to inquire about the following list.

1. Have there already been offers on the home? If so, how many?

If you’re truly interested in going through with this home purchase, we’ll want to be aware of any potential competition. That way we’ll know where we stand and we can prepare for a potential bidding war.

2. Why are the homeowners moving/selling their home?

This is an important question to ask at any open house. We’ll want to figure out ahead of time if there is a specific reason for the sellers leaving the home or the neighborhood, especially if this reason happens to be a negative.

3. How are the neighbors? What are they like?

First of all, we need to determine what’s important to you when it comes to your neighborhood. Do you want to befriend the neighbors? Do you have children and want other families in the area? We should try to find out the average age of the neighbors, as well as what type of community exists in the area. That way we can determine if this home will suit your desired lifestyle.

4. What do you like about the area?

In the homeseller or listing agent’s opinion, why would you want to live in this particular neighborhood? Are there restaurants and bars close by? Maybe there are lots of parks in the area. Easy access to fitness and shopping centers? Getting insight on these things will help us get a feel for how living in this home would be for you.

4. What don’t you like about the area?

While the agent or seller may seem more hesitant to answer this question, it’s important to try and get an idea of any negatives of living in the area. And yes, every neighborhood has at least a few drawbacks, even if minor. The necessary thing to figure out is if these negatives are a deal breaker for you, or if they are something you can live with.

Ready to start the home search and schedule visits to some open houses? Reach out to me and let’s get the ball rolling!