Reading a real estate listing description can sometimes feel like reading another language. The many real estate acronyms and buzzwords are oftentimes impossible to interpret when all you want to do is get an understanding of the home!

Below I break down 10 real estate listing acronyms you should know when you’re looking through a home description.

1. DK: Deck

2. Bkporch: Back porch

3. Gar: Garage

4. Upr: Upper floor

5. 4B/2B : 4 bedroom and 2 bathroom home

6. cac: central air conditioning

7. FSBO: For sale by owner

8. c-fan: ceiling fan

9. UTCL: Utility closet

10. EIK: Eat-in kitchen

Other acronyms or abbreviations you’ve seen in a listing that you don’t understand? I am happy to help walk you through them. Feel free to call or email directly and we can chat today!

real estate acronyms